:: SUNDAY ::

gary war | liturgy
pc worship |
w. visuals by yr friend matthew

november 8 – death by audio – $7
all ages



49 s 2nd st btw kent & wythe

doors at 8, show at 9

L to Bedford
JMZ to Marcy
G to Broadway

[NOTE~ dba is NOT byob, but there is beer on the cheap for the 21 and overs inside!]




:: gary war ::

[via thepiratehat]

“Gary War takes a slant on the lo-fi synth bath but oozes with a bit more charm than straight up burnt embers and gasoline fumes that some others have stumbled into this year. More akin to the (Ariel) Pink Warrior than to say Herr Blank Dogs; War seems firmly rooted in the lounge style that both Pink and to a lesser extent John Maus have perfected as filtered through the confines of a second hand tape player and a good bet on a large 70’s leaning tape collection.” -Raven Sings the Blues

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mp3s for download ►►► here here & here


:: liturgy ::

[via myspace]

“Liturgy are the first black metal band that truly embodies the ghosts of New York. They play metal like it’s a minimalist downtown art/life/religion project in the tradition of dronemasters Glenn Branca, Rhys Chatham and La Monte Young’s Dream Syndicate. Through their own brand of growling, gnarling, lightning-fast black grind, Liturgy try to find euphoria through dissonance, repetition and volume–turning metal nightmares into something ready for the Dream House.” -Christopher Weingarten / Village Voice

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download mp3 and read interview ►►► here
check out another interview ►►► here

live video


:: pc worship ::

[via myspace]

“PC Worship have a more ragged, basement appeal than much of the Shdwply catalogue, with a crude, DIY psych edge that feels closer to the homemade aesthetic of the early Twisted Village sides than the glazed psych-pop most associated with this amazing label. NYC Stone Age feels like a collection of tracks put together over a period of time and it veers into a bunch of mutually fucked zones: there are some honking brass-led jazz breakdowns that match Joshua Burkett-era Vermonster in terms of excessively-damaged free-rock motion, the kind of claustrophobic private basement psych that would erect temples around Vulcan’s Meet Your Ghost LP and some zoned pop/drone songs. Another great one from a label that can pretty much do no wrong.” -Volcanic Tounge

new tape Sunburnt out very soon via Swim Harder Cassettes ►►► here
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video for “Owz”


:: florida ::

[via myspace / nathaniel kautz]

“Florida took some of the same influences of David Bowie that John Maus and Ariel Pink did, in that way they are alike. Of course just when I think I’ve pinpointed the bands sound I hear a song full of psychotropic drone, appeasing the John Cale fan in me. This band has a great 7 inch out on Shdwply Records and I most certainly encourage you to purchase it.” -Weekly Tapedeck

download mp3 ►►► here

video for “Icarus”


:: yr friend matthew ::

[via Nate Dorr]

“The guy who goes under the name Yr Friend Matthew (and its different variations) is a man of many visions (and visuals), and he exercises those visions in different mediums: As a guy who throws one of the most original parties in New York (Pogo in Togo), a DJ on East Village Radio, a writer on various websites, a filmmaker, and as he’s most well-known for, the man doing live visuals at some of the best events in New York on an almost nightly basis.” -Impose

check out an interview ►►► here
watch a bunch of videos ►►► here


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